A goldsmith engraver known for his craftsmanship ability and the contemporary ideology of his jewelry. He began his vocational training at the age of fourteen, attending the State Institute of Art (in the Goldsmith department) in Macerata, simultaneously attending many goldsmith workshops to further develop and improve his manual dexterity in the art of engraving. Ultimately, he finished his studies at the prestigious school of art for coin and medal design, IPZS, Rome; the only one of its kind in the world. His true passion for using the ancient goldsmith techniques of engraving and model making, the countless hours of practice in the workshops he attended and the artistic influence of the Goldsmith Masters from whom he learnt his craft, gave him his own particular philosophy of jewellery: that each piece can occupy a space in its own right, as if it were a sculpture.

Since 2004, he has had his own retail outlet with studio combined, Oro Nero Gioielli in Colmurano, MC. Amassing a devoted following of clients who are drawn to his fascinating designs, visiting his workshop, often multiple times throughout the design process and the eventual creation of each commission.  It is during these meetings with his clients that he perceives a sense of their unique personalities and as a result, he is able to imbue each design with its own intrinsic character, its own soul if you will, complementing that of the client and in so doing, increasing the value from that of merely the sum total of the materials used, to that of a priceless work of art.  Not only working for private individuals, Alarico has been commissioned to design and produce prototype pieces for illustrious companies too.
In 2013 he created the first collection in a series, of pieces in silver. The overarching philosophy behind the idea is: TO BE. He has developed a design rich in symbolism, quoting from authors and philosophers alike.

Each and every piece is made by hand in Italy by Alarico and his team.  It is for this reason that you will be able to find a guarantee of authentication, attesting to each piece having been 100% made in Italy.